Beauty is an art and everyone can be an artist with their unique expressionism through the appearance of an authentic skin. Each and every skin deserves to be nourished with the products formulized meticulously and it is nearly impossible to reveal which formulation can eliminate the undesirable and deleterious without consulting a specialist. As Cortex Pharma we have been identifying ourselves as a distributor channel by means of the exploration and deployment of the dermocosmetic products through e-market, doctor channels and pharmacies where we have profound connections through the most qualified derma-cosmetic representatives and beauty advisers.


As Cortex Pharma our mission is to find for the most exclusive brands around the world to meet the needs of consumers and to offer them the most appropriate products containing the most reliable ingredients. Our vision is to improve, utilize and maintain the capability and the quality of the derma-cosmetic field and to reach every of the skincare consumers through cohesively prepared e-markets and social media accounts and to increase the awareness of the presence of the brands.


We distribute and represent the products successfully through the regions with a tremendous help from our qualified staff including Quality Control Specialists, Foreign Trade Specialists, Content Creators and Graphic Designers, Website Designers, Regional Representatives, Beauty Adviser, etc. who are continuously supporting the team with innovative and creative approaches.


Another mission that we have been conducting is to create the excellent staff through education. Teaching is essential and education is all about learning theories with the terms but we always present a perspective where the employee may reinforce knowledge by having a chance to gather experiences during a work day.


Nature is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty and the
greatest source of humility, that’s why we are considering the biodegradability